Monday, September 12, 2011

No sew Christmas placemat tutorial

I was happily chatting away with my cousin the other day when she mentioned Christmas....eeeekk did you know it's only 100 days away! My Nan, Mum and Aunties have always hosted Christmas but for the last few years the Christmas dinner tradition has been handed down a generation and last year my cousin had it at her house so this year I offered. I must be mad considering I have my daughter's 4th birthday 3 days later!!! Anyway, to stop me from hitting the panic button I thought I'd better start preparing now. And guess what, so far I have done nothing but craft projects for big surprise there, I don't do the whole 'organized' thing very well :) Project No.1 was 8 Hessian/Burlap Christmas placemats. I was so happy with how they turned out that I thought I'd share a tutorial on how I made them.

First of all you will need to gather your supplies:

Enough hessian/burlap material to make as many placemats as you want. I bought 1 metre and it made 8 mats with some left to spare (project No2. to be posted soon)

Fabric paint

Mod Podge for fabric

Freezer paper


Craft knife


An iron

You might also want to use an old towel and some junk mail for the painting/ironing parts

Ok so first of all you need to cut your material into placemats, I did mine 31cm by 40 cm but you can make them any size you want. Next grab 3 or 4 strands from each side of the mat and pull them out to give the edge a pretty frayed look.

Next up you need to cut out some stencils from the freezer paper. You can choose any design you like. I decided to write Merry Christmas in a different language on each of my placemats by printing off the words in a font I liked and tracing it onto the freezer paper. Now if you are a lucky lady and own one of those fancy scrapbooking paper cutting machines, I suggest you use it! I don't own one ( it's now on my Christmas wish list! ) and had to do all my cutting by hand with a craft knife and it was a major pain and rather time consuming.

When your stencils are cut out place them on your mats, once you are happy with their position you need to iron the freezer paper to your material.

Grab your fabric paint and paintbrush and paint over your stencil. Once the paint is dry you can peel off the freezer paper. The fabric paint I have says to iron the paint to make it wash resistant so I suggest you read the instructions to see if you need to do the same.

Now this last step is rather boring but it needs to be done to stop your mats from falling apart. Flip each mat over so the back is facing up and paint a thin line ( about 1 cm wide ) of Mod Podge along the edge of each mat. It dries clear so you don't have to worry to much about neatness.

Once the glue is dry you can flip your mats back over, throw them on the table and warn everyone there will be hell to pay if they dirty your nice new placemats ;)